hi there,

i'm working on my english prep-tests and there's a sentence which i'm asked to rewrite

"She had not seen him until last Friday"

i remember there's a structure for rewriting, it starts with NOT UNTIL and then the sentence and as far as i remember there's a change in the subject-verb order as well.

like: "Not until last Friday had she seen him."

i'm not sure whether i've made the right choice. anyone can help?

and another question: so far all the sample sentences i've seen were all in past perfect tense. is it a must for such structure to go with that verb tense? is it possible to use 'not until' at the begining of a sentence with other verb tenses?
That's correct.

She had not seen him until last Friday. = Not until last Friday had she seen him.

The structure is not restricted to the past perfect tense.

She will not see him until next Friday. = Not until next Friday will she see him.