recently i read a grammar book.in that i found this sentence about past perfect continuous:
i had been working in England for 5 years before i joined this company two years ago.

i could understand why they used had been,but MY DOUBT IS:

why not use the following sentence instead the one above,

i was working in England before i joined this company two years ago.

if i cant use the second type,please tell me why i cannot not(should not!).again,whats the difference between these two sentences in the way they convey the meaning.

thanks in advance.
Both work, but the original offers more clarity for recognizing the sequence of actions.
You can use was working instead of had been working if you want. The word before makes it clear what the time sequence is.

Please capitalize I and the first word of each sentence.
This is an English forum, so following the standards of written English is important.


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Thank you Mr.Marius Hancu.My thanks to Mr.CalifJim for teaching me a valuable lesson.I"ll follow it.
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