I'm always willing to find new stuff on the net which can serve me to improve my english; So, as I said, I've found a British TV-Show that I'd like to share with you.

Known as "Mind your language" this tv-show focuses on a British English Academy, with students from all over around the world. I guess it's from 1977-1978 but it's rather great!

Not only are we allowed to listen British, French, Chinese,Japanese,German,Italian,Spanish accents, but also it's a good way to improve our Listening Skills with different pronunciations around the blue balloon Emotion: big smile

I feel free to share with you the first episode, which I attached below. It's from Youtube where you can find the other episodes. Hope it will bring you a source of fun as well as interest and tolerance towards other cultures.


ps: If it doesn't work, please search on Youtube Emotion: smile

Have a great morning/afternoon/night!

Interesting from a teacher's point of view, but there seems to be too much ethnic stereotyping.

Yes it was a very funny show - I remember watching it first time round.
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Its so cool video

i like it
Really a good show. I never know this show but it really makes me laugh. A vintage one but really makes me laugh. In this video racist is not an issue and showing that there are different races that really involve in this show.
yea it is very funny n interestin
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