... a herd. But I also need to know how do you call a group of...

-sheep (>flock?)
-wolves (>pack?)

Can anyone help me? Emotion: crying
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a school of fish, a litter of puppies, a pride of lions, a flock of sheep, a herd of elephants.

That's all, I know!!!!

  • okay, I think it's a swarm of bees
  • schoal of fish
  • a flock of birds
  • and, yes, a pack of wolves
I hope that helps you
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Many dead links. tsk tsk
sheep (>flock?)
-bees - swarm
-fish - school
-elephants -herd, i think
-birds flock, but geese are a gaggle
-wolves (>pack?)
-puppies - ?
-deer - ?
-lions - pride
Bees = swarm, grist or hive

Birds = Flock, flight, congregation or volery

Elephants = heard

Wolves = pack or route of wolves

Deer = herd

Lions = pride

sheep = a drove or flock
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School of fish
Flock of birds

litter of puppies

pride of lions
i need to know the same thing but a cow chicken lion and sheep

First, please look for answers earlier in this thread.

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