... a herd. But I also need to know how do you call a group of...

-sheep (>flock?)
-wolves (>pack?)

Can anyone help me? Emotion: crying
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The are called collective nouns.

here is a site you may find helpful.

http://www.enchantedlearning.com/grammar/partsofspeech/nouns/collective /

A group of cows is a Herd. Emotion: smile
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A Herd
you say a herd of cows
flock of sheep
pride of lions
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sheep is a flock
bees swarm
fish is a pod
elephants are a heard i think
wolves is a pack
that is all i know sorry i hope i helped Emotion: big smile
Anonymoussheep is a flockbees swarmfish is a podelephants are a heard i thinkwolves is a packthat is all i know sorry i hope i helped
Please don't answer questions unless you have checked your facts.

Pod is the collective word for aquatic mammals such as dolphins and whales.
We generally speak of a school or shoal of fish.
The word is herd, not heard.
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is there a six letter name for what a herd of cows is?
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