... a herd. But I also need to know how do you call a group of...

-sheep (>flock?)
-wolves (>pack?)

Can anyone help me? Emotion: crying
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Here you go, Reme-- [url="http://www.stalking.co.uk/group.html"]GROUP NAMES[/url]
Thanx Mister Micawber, I found here everything I need.

How did you find that, I had been googling but I didn´t find anything...
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I googled 'Group Names', Reme. When I post a link like that, I usually post the phrase I actually googled.

Now, have you seen these [url="http://www.askoxford.com/asktheexperts/collective/?view=uk "]COLLECTIVE NOUNS[/url]? Choose a letter and press 'Go'.
school of fish

pride of lions

litter of puppies

herd of elephants
it is really intresting>>>>>

thank u sooo much
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I've heard of some very different names for some animals:

Murder of crows

Unkindness of ravens

Parliament of rooks
Hi Reme,

Its Naughty, trying to solve your problem.

A shoal of fish

A flock of birds

I hope it works for you to a smaller extent.

Thanks and regards.
ants: colony
bees: swarm
chicks: clutch
crows: murder
clams: bed
ducks: brace
elks: gang
fish: school
geese: flock
hares: down
hens: brood
kangaroos: troop
leopards: leap
lions: pride
monkeys: troop
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