Hello, everyone!
Please help me with the following problem.

What comes to your mind when you hear the word "a habitual drug user"?
Is it 'a person who's been addicted to illegal drugs such as Coke'?
Or is it 'a person who's been on medications to manage a chronic disease'?
Ok...i am not native but I am gonna try to contribute.

According to Cambridge dictionary, 'drugs' either means:

medicine - any natural or artificially made chemical which is used as a medicine.


illegal substance - any natural or artificially made chemical which is taken for pleasure, to improve someone's performance of an activity, or because a person cannot stop using it.

So I presume by your expression, it can be both meanings, tending to illegal substance because if it is a person who has permanent illness due to complications it would be wiser to talk about his sickness, not the medicine. I think it's a problem of semantic.
Without a doubt, to me it means someone who frequently uses illegal drugs. It does not mean the person is addicted. (And if you mean cocaine, it's not Coke, but coke. Although I drink more Diet Coke than most people, few of us are actually addicted to the carbonated beverage.)

If you need to describe someone who uses medications to manage a chronic disease, do not call that person a "drug user."
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How about 'a habitual user of drug'?
Doesn't this too refer to a person who atkes medications regularly in order to manage his/her
chronic illness?
No, it isn't used as a phrase to describe people who take prescription medicines. 'User' is only ever used to describe someone who uses illegal/recreational drugs.
A habitual drug user: This is the kind way of saying that someone is addicted to a drug (Whether illegal or an abuse of a medication like Oxycontin). It's often used when someone of high social class uses drugs. It makes me think of someone that gets addicted to pain-killers after an accident, and they can't stop taking the drug even though they don't need it for pain management anymore.

For illegal drugs, it's more common to hear "junkie" or "addict". I would use the terms "coke-head" or "meth-head" to describe someone that abuses those drugs.
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For someone using prescription drugs appropriately over a long period of time, I think I would instinctively say “on long-term medication”.

Lil’ Ruby Rose
Ok, first off, let me start by saying I have been on Oxycodone for a total of 4 months 10 mg twice a day for a nerve pain and muscle pain resulting from an auto mobile accident, Recently 3 days ago to be exact I tore my ACL it was on a sunday I almost went to the ER but I doubled my pain medicine called my primary Monday morning but he did not have an opening until tuesday, so I continued to double my meds until my appointment. I told my primary how I doublred my meds he had NO issues with that and also told me if I needed more he had no issues giving them to me. So i was referred to a specialist who says to me YOUR TAKING OXYCODONE HABITUALLY, THAT WORD DOES NOT SIT WELL WITH ME!!!!!!!!! So I looked up the meaning, then then pkrase HABITUAL DRUG USER, and I am beyond pissed by what I have read...........First off I was a smoker for 30 years HABITUAL YESSSSSSSSSSS I quit cold turkey and the phrase habitual drug user means one step away from addiction............HABITUAL AFTER 4 MONTHS..............OK YOU BE THE JUDGE................make me pain free and i wouldn't have a NEED to take them!