i guess it's the colloquial expressions i find hard to understand but reading english newspapers (especially columns and reviews) is a hard feat...whew

Anyway this sentence has been bugging me...

'First came the soaring ascent of online social networking sites and now comes old fashioned soul searching about a sprawling universe where staid advertisements can scrape up against profiles of giddy young professionals and pages devoted to self-proclaimed angry "straight, white men"'

The highlighted part is especially giving me a headache ;;;;;;

Thanx guys
The highly contrasting elements in question can be found very close to one another in a way that clashes unpleasantly.

Do you think that sentance is really hard???????? to find out real meaning of any perticuular word let me tell you any simple trick .to understand the hard sentnce...

Do not look at perticular word keep reading if you are not understanding even , and when yop stop rending sentnce try and and understadn easy part first then see the miracle you will understnd whole sentnce and meaning also .. this is the esaist way , seee frnd there are many words in english and you can not find out or guess the meanig of each one so relax and go via this suggested step... i am sure you will get the thing ou are looking for.....

hope for the best ...thanks byee