"A" or "An" . What is the correct article?

--history novel
--history professor
--historic moment
--historical novel
--historical document
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Eh, think you must be wrong there since Swedish (which has a common proto-germanic origin with English) has "kniv" for "knife" pronounced "can...eve". Borrowed words almost never enter a language via script but mostly always through the oral or verbal route...
An excellent explanation which takes into consideration the evolution of our American English.
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What about "hour" or "honor."
You should definitely use an for those.
Not sure which way "homage" goes but I would lean towards an.
Your search is wrong : Please use " to count only both of them, in the same order.
Results become :
"a history" 364,000,000 vs "an history" 702,000

A history novel

A history professor

An historic moment

An historical novel

A history

An historical document

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