If I write, "A honest mistake," am I making an honest mistake?

Which is correct: a honest or an honest?

I understand the rule is that you use 'a' before a consonant and 'an' before a vowel. But when speaking I would guess that most people would place 'an' before honest. Is there something more to the rule?
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Yes, there's more to it. We use "a" before a consonant sound and "an" before a vowel sound.

The "h" in honest is silent (not pronounced), so we say "an honest man".

Other examples:

a university, a unique plan, an hour

I hope this helps.
It seems too late but better be late than never n' nothing.

It is 'an honest' and not 'a honest',

because the sound of 'honest' in utterance is just like a vowel 'an onest'.

Other example is :

'an hour' not 'a hour'

We do not look at what character comes after a/an but what sound comes after it.

Let'stake a look at the noun phrase 'a university'. The fisrt character is a vowel but we do not say ' an university'

because the sound of 'U' in 'University' is 'yu', it is a sound of consonant, therefore we do not say 'an university but 'a university'. Thanks.
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Can i write the honest man



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but in some sentences we use a honest its not appropriate for every sentence . for example - he is a honest official . so it doesn't matter it can only be an honest .

a honest is never correct.

I think , A honest is the right one.

When H is followed by two vowel and prefixed with consonant then only an is used.

E.g, an hour, an heir, an hair etc.

But here in this case a - article will be used. Which sounds like an honest.

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