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I have only got champagne for my friends. Mineral water is my favourite.
Friends? What friends? Is there champaigne in Chile?
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Probably at this time of the year. Anyway i went to the kitchen I opened a bottle, I am having a glass and (d) is for you.
You are not in Chile? But where? I always thought you are teaching there.
Pieter, don't be so cruel. I hate myself when I do that and I just did it a while ago. I suppose it makes the other person feel dreadful but I can't help it.
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What do u mean? Where do u live, Maj?
I've made some corrections.

Motto: Carlsberg. probably the best beer in the world.

C'mon America, England and Brazil.
Yes I know, they speak Portuguese there,
Enrique, Julio, Clinton and Gates Bill,
Come around, smile to me , invest where

talent is flourishing as Candida,
readers are waiting for Viagra or me,
Ain't you fed up with the dolce vita?
Convicts'd prefer me to an amnesty.

Come Your Majesty, just two hundred pounds,
How can I deserve your grace?
I could kill six terriers and bad hounds,
and cheer on England at every race.

Come Batistuta, you've spent enough
on those stupid blondes mi amigo,
I'm really good, it's not a bluff,
and original as a Levi's indigo.

Come Larry make a donation,
I'll come to your show for free,
your name will be blessed by the whole nation,
and CNN will be eternity.

Come bankers, Parmalat, Enron,
maybe you've got something left,
come Carlsberg, non mi abandon,
'cos probably I'm the best.
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