America, England and Brazil.
Yes I know, they speak Portuguese there,
Enrique, Julio, Clinton and Gates Bill,
Come around smile to me , invest where
talent is flourishing as candida,
readers are waiting for Viagra or me,
Ain't you fed up with the dolce vita?
Convicts'd prefer me to an amnesty.
Come Your Majesty, just two hundred pounds,
How can I deserve your grace?
I could kill six terriers and bad hounds,
and cheer on England at every race,
Come Batistuta, you've spent enough
on those stupid blondes mi amigo,
I'm really good, it's not a bluff,
and original as a Levi's indigo.
Come Larry make a donation,
I'll come to your show for free,
your name will be blessed by the whole nation,
and CNN will be eternity.
Come bankers, Parmalat, Amron,
maybe you've got something left,
come Carlsberg, non mi abandon,
'cos probably I'm the best.
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Your leadership, you are my amigo. LOL.
You can just call me El Comandante.
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That sounds kind of intimidating!
It is.
Would you like to intimidate me, dear Pieter?
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No. No. NoNoNoNo.
NoNONO. No. NoNo.
No. No.

Woww, I wrote a new poem.
A sus ordenes, mi comandante. Lol.
Then bring me a Carlsberg please. A cold one. From the fridge.
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