What does "a hump and a hairpiece" mean?
Is this from Friends? If so, they are guessing perceived attributes of the man Monica is dating. A "hump" means his spine is curved not straight (ie. a humpback, a term not really used today). A hairpiece is like a wig, meaning the man might be balding.

I was watching the first episode of friends today, and one of the first, if not the first Chandler joke is asking of Monica's new boyfriend has "a HuMp? A hUmP anD a HaiRpecE?". The joke naturally went miles over my head so I figured it was a 90's reference I didnt get, after some brief research I have concluded that the hump and a hairpiece saying is not attributed to any outdated pop culture reference, it is simply a weird thing chandler said.

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Thanks for the explanation man
yeah thanks man for explaining this