Dear crush,
Perhaps you will never know my feelings for you. You will not be able to know that there is a person in this school who is quietly follow you. I know a lot of things about you, but you impossible know that. You even do not know who I am and how I like you very much. I want to talk with you, I very want to this. But when I see you, I feel need not to do it. At that time, I think that: "Do you impressed me though a little?" I do not know your answer, but I just need you see me then I content. Recently, I do not see you much as before. But I still want to see you after at the end of school. I like you, but I am not excellent enough to be in the same class with you. I just can hope one day we can talk together. I hope that one day you will understand my feelings for you. I am not brave enough to express my feelings. I can only hope that time will tell us the result. I always dreamed about that.

walk cobra 672Dear crush

That is not a flattering label or name for someone. Do they have a real name?

There are many small mistakes in the English.


Thanks for the comment. Can you fix it for me? I just started practicing writing recently and my grammar is not good. I have checked the text using various websites but it did not work for me. Would you mind fixing it for me, thank you so much!