I have translated this letter. it is about a person asking for financial support so he is writing a letter to the director of UNRWA

To: Mr. John Gung

Director of UNRWA operations in Gaza Strip

Subject: Seek help/ask for help

Dear Sir,

This is a very difficult letter for me to write but many avenues seem to have been closed to me so I hope you can take the time to read my story. I am a young man living in straitened circumstances and in dire need for your financial support due to the grave situation in .

As I am the only breadwinner in the family, I have neither job nor other source of income to fend for me and my family which consists of seven persons.

I appeal to your Excellency to extend your usual generosity to me and hope for the best to obtain your approval as you always accustomed us.

No help from anyone please?!!!!
Frankly, if i could ,i would help you dude, Bcaz i know the situation plus the concerns , which some one has in his family , as he will be the one to work for his family.
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Dear Dreamy 76,
I would like to suggest that since you have pointed out the fact you are the sole bread winner without a source of income, you give the director where to start. For instance, what you would like to do if facilitated.