i need help in writting a letter to the parole board for a relative who is eligable for parole in the very near future, i've bee asked to write a letter to the board and not sure what to say, nor do i know a format.
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i need a letter stating where and who he will be praroled to>

Can someone help me? I need help writing a support letter for my partner that’s going up for parole this month. I really have no idea what to write. And I’m worried it won’t be good enough.

appreciate any help

thank you.

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Start by simply writing what you would say if you were talking to someone on the parole board face to face.

She asks you Why do you think we should let him out on parole? Then show us your answer.


Dear parole Members my name is Nellie Miller the mother of Courtney Michelle Mcguffin.I feel like she had learned her lesson she is a good person she just feel into the wrong crowd.i would appreciate if you consider giving her parole. She is in breckenridge county jail.my address is 117 south Claggett dr apt 9 Leitchfield ky,42753 thank you I'm really supporting her all the way.

I need help formatting a letter for my fiance he went back to prison because if a parole violation.

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