i need help in writting a letter to the parole board for a relative who is eligable for parole in the very near future, i've bee asked to write a letter to the board and not sure what to say, nor do i know a format.

Dear Anonymous,

You did not say that you wanted help with the English in your letter. I assume so.

Here are some suggestions:

My name is Lydia Herrera. I am Macario Martinez's IIII mother. (If IIII is part of the name, say "I am the mother of Macario Martinez IIII.")

(Do not write in capitals)

When my boy was born, I was a very proud mother, and I still am. My son has the biggest heart. I know you may not know but I know he's only a number in your system, but he honestly does have a great heart. I feel my boy has done his time and I feel he needs to be home with me.

My health condition is really slowing me down, making it difficult to travel to go see my son but I will continue to make the trips no matter if it does slow me down. I want to know if my boy has a any type of any chance of early release. in gettting out, If my son does come home, I have 2 friends that are willing to hire him, in their place of business.

They are willing to give him a employment, so all he needs is a chance in life. My son has missed out on his son's life, and but my grandson has finished his school. Now he might even be a father.

All I'm asking is give me another chance with my son. I would love my son to have a chance to be able to know his grand baby.


Make a letterhead with your name address, telephone and email. Center it at the top of the page.


__________ Parole Board


City, State, Zip

Re: Prisoners Name, _DC#

Name of Prison (where he's at)


City, State, Zip

Dear Honorable Members of the Parole Board:

My name is ___________. I am ___ years old and currently unemployed. Prior to my unemployment I worked as a _____________ for _______________, in city name, State for __ years. I am the mother/sister/brother/friend of Prisoners name, _DC#_____.

I am not able to attend his Parole Hearing on date_____ because I live in TimBuckToo and due to my mothers health, I can not leave her alone for several days at a time.

Since being incarcerated, prisoner name has completed a number of Behavioral Health programs that have benefited him in many ways. When we talk on the phone, he always has a positive attitude, and he takes full responsibility for the actions that led to his incarceration, and shows considerable remorse.

My husband, myself, and my mother, feel that Name is ready to come home, and we want Name to come home. We are more than willing to provide Name with a place to live (our home), financial support, and every aspect of guidance, accountability and love. We are aware that the job market can sometimes be difficult for a parolee with Name's status and therefore, are considering opening a family-runned business upon Name being granted parole. We also have an extra car that he can use until he has saved enough to purchase his own vehicle.

I believe beyond a doubt that given the opportunity of parole, Name will come home and make us all proud. Thank you for your time to read this letter.


Your Signature

Your Name

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Dear Honorable Members of the Parole Board:

My name is ________, i am writing to you regarding the parole hearing for my long term partner _________. I would like to ask that you grant parole to _______ when he appears before you at his parole hearing soon. I am a __ year old single mother to our _ year old daughter, _________. I am currently renting a property in _____, where _____ was living before he was incarcerated and will continue to live if he is granted parole.

Our family has been strongly impacted by ________ actions. During the time he has spent in prison we have been struggling with financial hardship and we are finding it hard to cope with everyday requirements. I have had a lot of support from our family and friends but we still need the support from _____, as he is a great father and a loving partner.

I believe that _______ is sincerely sorry for what he has done and he realises he has made many terrible mistakes that have resulted in many people being negatively affected and him being sent to prison.

______ has been participating in many activities such as _____ and has been working as a ______ and since i have noticed he is a more happy person. I feel he has taken full responsibility for what he has done, he has had time to reflect and is now making his best effort to try and become a better person.

______ has made clear to me he would like the opportunity to prove that he is a good person and remorseful for the mistakes he has made in the past.

If he is granted parole, we are here and prepared 100% to give him all the support he needs including a home to live in, moral support, encouragement, financial support until he no longer needs it and we will ensure he stays on a straight and narrow road, so he can live a healthy and happy life out of prison. I am confident he will do his best.

Thankyou for your time and attention.


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Are you writing a letter as a character witness, or as a sponsor, or...? I am a grammarian, not a legal expert, and there may be some items that you are required to include.

It would be a good idea if you could give us a first draft of a letter which includes the basic things you want to say, and then we can correct it for you.
Dear Guest,

I tried writing this message last night but I had difficulty accessing this site. Thus my message contains some overlapping themes from Mister Macawber's note.

I suspect that writing a parole support letter is an involved process. You must understand--in-depth--the convict, his crimes, the impact upon the victims and society, and other associated factors.

To simply ask in this forum for help writing a parole letter without having given this topic a lot of thought and consideration is asking too much. For us to draw out all the salient details and craft a well-written letter would take many hours. As MM suggested, you can write a draft letter and someone will assist with the grammar portion of it.

If I were you, I'd simply google "parole board letter" (without the quotes) to see what you can find on the Internet to help get you started. Here is one link called [url="http://www.txcure.org/parole1.htm"]Parole Support Letters[/url] that might help get you started.

If you do post a letter here in this forum to be reviewed, please use a fake name for the convict (John Doe) and use a fake name for the prison (Big House). That way, the identity of the individual is protected.

Good luck.

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I need help writing a letter of support
I am writing a support letter on behalf of my brother - to follow is a a rough draft:

Do you have an attachment icon - I have already typed a draft

Re: xxxxxxx

Dear Parole Members:

I am writing this letter in support of my brother, xxxxxxxx who is scheduled to appear before the Parole Board in February. I am imploring you to favorably consider his release as I can assure you that after 12 years, he has addressed his past harmful behavior and I am certain that he will do well upon his release.

Erik is 5 years my elder and although our individual temperaments were distinctive in that he was the more assertive, he was always considerate and helpful. I remember Erik in earlier years as being thoughtful and considerate, the one who taught me the alphabet how to tie my shoes and defended me when I was blamed for doing something wrong. Although he dropped out of school, he went to work, moved into his own apartment and seemed to do well for awhile. However, I became aware that he began to associate with an undesirable crowd and was using drugs as he strayed further from family and friends. I was very concerned, but was powerless in my futile attempt to help him. During this time we drifted apart, since his drug use forced him to commit acts against the law to finance his habit and resulted in his inevitable incarcerations.

In the ensuing years, I have spoken to him often on the phone and visited on occasion. However, I have not been able to see him lately as often as I would like, except when on leave, since I am currently on active military duty stationed outside the continental . I am an Officer in the Unites States Navy. Nonetheless, I do speak with my mother regularly, who is able to talk to Erik almost on a daily basis and has kept me updated on Erik’s progress. It is evident from my last visit and subsequent conversations with him that he has matured a great deal. He has learned how his lack of self control and extreme emotional state influenced his resorting to drugs and has vowed that if released, he would in no way resort to drugs. Erik now has a profound commitment to accomplishing his goals and no doubt he will never again be the kind of person who allows his emotions to outweigh his rationale. He has taken his past drug addiction very seriously and for that reason he has contacted several drug rehabilitation programs and has submitted applications for his enrollment in their out-patient programs. He has also participated in numerous programs during his incarceration to improve himself including his recent participation in the ASAT program. He has also sent his resume to numerous potential employers and has received positive responses with promises of future employment. He had a broad work history prior to his incarceration in addition to his marketable skills acquired in prison that will help him to obtain employment.

Erik is now 37 years old and considerably more sensible and wiser than the person who committed these crimes, and for that reason I am asking that you grant him his release as he deserves a second chance. Whatever the time spent and an example made in the past 12 years that his crime mandated, has been fulfilled.

i have to write to the parole board that i will been supproting my son fincalliy until he can find a job , he will live in my home which i own , he has his own room, A
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dear members of the parole board:

my name is melody miller, i am the wife of mr miller.i am requesting that you grant my husband his parole.My husband used to be a inconsiderate, selfish person i have ever met.Since the death of our son, which led to his incarceration,he become a change man, my son's death cause my husband to turn his life around and become a good person.
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wish i could help...if you fnd help send'em this way .I'm typing one for my husband who's cominh up in feb.10
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