Dear Reader, Whoever you are.

My Name is John Manheim and I work For a division of the American government’s Media and Population services. Just to avoid any misconceptions outright, this department is not solely a endeavor of the American government. Its ties span continents and its existence is known only where it wishes.

I write this letter because even though I have been told and once believed that my actions will affect my mood solely based on the level of excellence I achieve, I have come to know otherwise and wish to clear this terrible mess.

For the last Five years I have been part of a group whose specific task is to demoralize Nation and Allies in subtle ways to effect an atmosphere conductive to war and compliant with military authority. I would have thought that recent wars themselves could have sufficiently accomplished this task and so it is a source of hope for me that my superiors do not acknowledge this as a fact. Perhaps they believe their work complete. In re-reading this I painfully acknowledge that the only answer that comes to mind is one that will plunge my nation and many others in this world into a sad state of affairs. Dictatorship under the guise of a democracy with us as the means?. Though is there yet another reason? My mind is tired so I will leave that question up to you.

The targets along our the path have been civilian institutions for the production of any and all cultural media, television and radio stations, recording studios, film studious, universities, government grant allocations… the list goes on. My orders as group leader were simple and phrased much like this: “We want to silence the masses, We’re tired of constant crosstalk within our borders. Destroy any traces of hope within those groups who whine and complain about our nations commitment to strength and rejection of weakness”. That was how the department leader said it. The official brief was entitled – “economic and demographic elimination of uncooperative entities”. Or ‘breaking the people’ as I have come to call it.

Ah! But I’m sure you wish to know of the specifics. Let me try. Take the bohemian sub-voice (After working with the department for this long I have to take it for granted you understand what I mean). The head of operations believed that they were a quote ‘Troublesome group, too pleased with their own natural living and pleasant music to make a real contribution and support American pride’ I believe he snorted at this point, taking some obvious satisfaction that only he could live a natural life.

Much as we did before I will take them as an example.

A new record label released a song entitled ‘It easy we’re sleazy’. The head would have no doubt appreciated the sleazy part but it was obvious that the lyrics were written to dismiss the sleazy part as a non-entity. That is to say It was easy because being sleazy didn’t really matter.

The next week, a new song was targeted at the same audience (a small one I might add) entitled ‘How much is mine’ A exceptional piece of work depicting women being sexually assaulted by their partners under the influence of alcohol and for good measure, drugs. The label ‘Harmonious productions’ filed for bankruptcy three months later and after several frustrating flops.

That was one record label. I’m not ashamed to admit that in my ignorance it was a challenging task to take one after the other out on a day to day basis. One record label here, an entire Television station there, no problem. The ease with which this was accomplished began to make the process feel more like a game than anything else. Like cats we were unraveling and knotting giant balls of the most exquisite string.

Our biggest weapon is of course respect, not as some would think a technological advantage. True; our media is fraught with hypnotic special effects and painstakingly designed elements; however all this would be useless without the respect those traditions command.

For example we have ran a series of 5 films all using the same storyline and production staff (with minor differences) and each one has invariably produced a turn over. The films themselves were little more than work instruction manuals, fleshed out with recycled jokes and colorful antics, basically promoting the worker’s loyalty to their employer and not co-worker in increments designed to achieve an almost-inhuman respect for authority. The 5th film was marvelously received mostly because our mainstream campaigns encourage the persecution of free thinkers and of course, command respect.

Ah! ‘Project Ignorance’. It’s not hard at all to convince the teeming multitudes to give away their minds. In fact it is the oldest trick in the book. Tell them how malign life can get and they will be begging to forget it all. For this project however we needed to compensate for the western world’s years of luxury. How did we do that? Well the details are endless, however their were some major factors I feel important enough to relate. For instance a very gifted individual, a co-worker ‘Jonathan Dwight’ pioneered the concept of ‘Simplistic Bliss’.

The concept itself is of startling psychological merit and could have indeed benefited the world if it had been employed in a more responsible environment. On a side point, it is actually employed by many practitioners of mental aid, as I like to say; “a good idea is never confined to the box it is created in”. ‘Simplistic Bliss’ is an advancement on the old AA (alcoholics anonymous) credo ‘Keep it simple’. Now the AA, NA etc utilize this method in order to avoid the paranoias and mistrust associated with excessive substance intake. What did John think?... Perfect. Now this credo ‘Keep it simple’, is in fact an advancement of an even older concept ‘The simple life’ as lived by many a laborer in times of old and new. The AA endowed it with the power to deal with complex urban Life, Jonathan Dwight endowed it with Bliss.

And thus ‘Simplistic Bliss” is born, A mindset and an understanding that simultaneously allows the individual not to worry about things beyond their reach and encourages them to enjoy every good thing and thought our good world has to offer. Simple right? Simply beautiful right? Not when the C-Retro is employing it.

Take a Song bird, Take its ability to soar high into the sky, its ability to sing away all of the world’s injustices and terror and you have ‘simplistic bliss’. Now enter C-Retro; again, that same song bird is soaring and singing but now you trap it in a box and teach it that if it ever looks outside that box it will no longer be able to sing. Now you have C-Retro’s version of ‘Simplistic Bliss’ Now you have Apathy, but even more importantly Apathy that is essential to feeling good. You might say to yourself, “well that’s obvious”, is it? Or have you been paying attention to too much of our work?

I think I’ll conclude there for now… It seems such a good place to do so. And I’m bursting to get this out. Perhaps in another letter I’ll tell more. But truth be told I’m concerned and I don’t wish an extensive report to be labeled as ‘Incoherent rambling’ It could so easily become that, But I’ll explain more about that later, or maybe someone else will after reading this.

Yours Faithfully and Truly,

Mr John Manheim

You don't appear to have any difficulties with your English. Is there something we can help you with, or you simply wanted to announce your story to the world? If it the latter, does this subject matter perhaps belong in controversial subjects?

hehehe I suppose yes, to all the above
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Supaloco why is apathy essential to feeling good ?
In the story The writer is explaining that the condition is one brought about by media manipulation. In actual fact most people I have worked with or talked to favor discussing issues which do not directly concern them. In fact collective goodwill in many societies is conductive to (funnily enough) a sense of goodwill in the community. The story points out that the people of America and their allies are being manipulated into believing that there is no hope to be found in supporting anti-war sentiments or causes. The condition is one that although psychological, profoundly affects the person's happiness therefore steering support away from 'Detrimental' factions. Or as the writer of the letter puts it.. "breaking the people"