I'd like somebody (forum teachers, native speakers) check my pronunciation if possible.

May I send you an MP3 (or more precisely a link to an MP3 uploaded onto my GoogleDisk) that I recorded some time ago?

You see I am having problems recording sound files with your web interface recorder -(.



If you post a link to your file, that will be fine.

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GPYIf you post a link to your file, that will be fine

Thank you!

Let me get straight to the point.

- My kids (and me -) are getting ready to a school concert!! The kids will be singing; part part is just guitar accompaniment.

- If you are willing to help the dad to correct his English ( which words are sung/pronounced badly? which lines are sung terribly/terrible English?), then the dad will do his best to polish his kids' singing -)-)

Here is the link to the recording.



I listened to your recording. A good part of the pronunciation is pretty clear. The phrases I had most difficulty understanding at first listen were:

woods we pass
their nuts in grass
at Beauty's glance
till her mouth can
Enrich that smile her eyes began.
A poor life this

Although I know of this poem, I didn't remember all the words beyond the first few lines. Once one has reminded oneself of the words, it is of course much easier to understand all the lyrics.

For me, the worst-pronounced parts are "her mouth", which sounds more like "here mouse", "that smile" where you seem to add another syllable, like "that-a-smile", which makes it harder to understand, and also "her eyes", which sounds like "here eyes".

A couple of further pronunciation points: you say "turn" more like "tun", and "where squirrels" sounds more like "way squirrels".

I see... Looks like you had difficulty understanding every fourth or fifth word listening to that song... So my chances to be one day invited to La Scala or the Met are very bleak :-)
Seriously, thank you very much for the positive criticism!

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