I'm doing some experiments with sentence structure and am trying, with little progress, to find a list of general grammar rules.

e.g. "a noun is often preceded by an article"
"an adjective can be placed before a noun"
.... etc.
(I don't know if those are good examples, but I hope you get what I mean.)

Has anyone seen anything like this around? If not, I would love it if you could tell me any rules that you know.


A big list of general grammar rules is called a grammar book. Don't you have one?
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No, but I'm looking for the more general rules rather than aesthetic rules. Rules that govern what sentences mean rather than aesthetics. I don't know how to explain it too well, but "a __ is always followed by ___ or a ___", "an interjection is usually __" sort of stuff.... if that makes sense. Can you send me in the right direction?
I cannot see what aesthetics has to do with it, but I think you're headed in the wrong direction. Since you don't even have a grammar book, I suggest that you buy one and get started learning the language in a more conventional way. I have never seen a 'list of rules' such as you imagine.
Okay, thanks anyway.
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