Hi. This Wendnesday on 27-th June I will be tested for a job position in a tobacco company. I was told that the test is going to be some sort of text translation, since that is one of the things that the applicant is supposed to do if got accepted.

I have a solid knowledge in English language in general, and I think I will do fine, but you can't never tell, right? So I was wondering if you can post some links where I could learn some words and phrases from the tobacco processing business...

I know it's a bit speciffic thing to ask but any help would be more than welcome.

Thank you.

Edit: The company is producing and exporting oriental tobacco to the United States , Japan , as well as selected EU and Asian countries.

This site describes the entire manufacturing process. There are lots of phrases and vocabulary that may be useful to you.

According to them, there are three types of tobacco blended in the manufacture of cigarettes: birght, burley, and Oriental (aka Turkish).

Good luck on your job application!