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I wonder how is that possible... Emotion: hmm
Thanks for sharing. I am giving a test for CELTA admission next week. It helped me a lot.

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Nigel is just about to leave on a three-year trip that will take him right around the world

I haven't really come across this expression before. "All around the world" "All over the world are expressions that I've found to be more widely used. Is this one a common expression though? Just curious!
I scored 11 out of 13...Thanks Tanit!!Emotion: wink
9 out of 13...
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8 out of 13 Emotion: wink
d**n only 8 out of 13........i have to improve my vocab....does anyone know how to do it??????
woaa.. I scored 8 out of 13! I should have to work hard learning English.
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A love of travelling

i scored 12 out ot 13

is this good???????????
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