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I just scored 13 out of 13. I wasn't pretty sure about one answer though.
Yeh 13 out of 13 Emotion: stick out tongue
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Yes this kind of tests are required for me more often.
12/13 Emotion: smile

Interesting story, there are a few changes that could be made to reflect an even better paper. The word "right" used in the story would actually be better if it was exchanged for the word "completely". You are referring to the distance traveled, which in essence, becomes a descriptive or simply, an expression of HOW he traveled the world.

Also, the word "travelled" is spelled this way, (traveled).

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AnonymousAlso, the word "travelled" is spelled this way, (traveled).

Travelled is the standard spelling in British English.

A 10 out of 13 is not bad.


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