Could you please help me with the following expressions? Have to use those words which rhyme, at least in meaning, with each other, and the expressions flow in harmony as a whole.

a love without bounds, life without __ , a heart without ___ , a journey without ___ , and a man without __
I'm not sure what you mean by 'rhyming in meaning," so I feel disadvantaged in trying to offer some help.
pain, anguish, end, temptation [6]
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Okay, let's try this. You see the other two contradicts the meaning of the first. How could a heart without warmth ever love someone, especially to some fabled level? Is it clear now?

a love without bounds, a life without passion , a heart without warmth
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Hi Avangi

I would settle for 'end' and 'temptation'. Could you please suggest any alternatives for the other two?
Any suggestions.