I am not sure this is the right place to ask this question, but I couldn't find it anywhere else. so pardon me to post a question here.

Yesterday, I got a chance to listen to a song "a lover's concerto" by sarah vaughan.

In the later half of the song, the lyrics sounded to me like "You hold me in your arms..:"

However, when I look up the lyrics in the web, many lyric sites say it is "You'll hold me in your arms.."

So I listened to the music over and over again to find that I was wrong, but I couldn't hear the sound [you'll"] in the song.

Would you please be kind enough to listen to the song and tell me the right lyrics.

Thanks in advance.

Song by sarah vaughan

Song by the toys :

FYI, the song was first sung by "The toys" and then later on by Sarah Vaughan.

I list links to the two songs for your reference.
it's very difficult to hear the lyrics in songs. It's very difficult for me to hear them in the videos you posted. With my headphones on, I can hear an L sound, but it's very weak. Anyway, it's because the music distracts you, and while singing people change their intonation, otherwise you'll notice there's an L sound in between more easily.
I hear a the 'll sound in the Sara Vaughan version (it almost sounds like 'you la'), but I don't really hear it at all in the Toys' version.
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Thanks alot. You guys rock.