Red is considered a lucky and properous colour in Chinese culture.


Does "a lucky and properous colour" make sense to you? Thanks.
Bad usage of prosperous, IMO. Use auspicious.
AngliholicDoes "a lucky and properous colour" make sense to you?
Yes, but of course it's not the colour red that is lucky and prosperous! Here we take the expression to mean "colour which represents luck and prosperity".
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Yes, though I would think prosperity is in part due to luck.
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CJ brings up a good point....

the phrase does not make sense in English, but English speakers are very willing to interpret what we read (if we know it's been translated into English) and assign it the most logical meaning we can come up with.

In this case, clearly the color itself is not lucky or prosperous. But native English speakers will interpret it to mean that the color represents the concepts of luck and prosperity.

I know enough Mandarin, however, to realize that 'represents' doesn't quite do justice to the ideas expressed in Mandarin. It more closely translates to 'embodies'.

Red embodies prosperity and luck to the Chinese, it doesn't just represent it.