What does the following mean?

'A Ford is a make of car.'

Does this mean ' Ford is a car company' ?

Does it have to be 'A'Ford', instead of just 'Ford'?


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Hello Aya-san, welcome to English Forums!

"A Ford" means "a car made by Ford".

"A make of car" means "a brand of car".

Does that help?

Problem solved!

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Hy, Which of the following sentences do you think is the correct (I am doing an english test)?

A) the better make of car is Jaguar

B) The most expensive make of car is Jaguar

C) The more profitable make of car is Jaguar

Thank you very much
Each might be correct, in the right context, Anon!

It is precisely this context in which only one is correct.

The correct answer is "The MOST expensive car is Jaguar"

Most is comparing to any car you can think of

the answers with more need something given to compare to.
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Since MrP is not around, let me say that I agree with his last comment that all can be correct in the right context. Note that no context is given.

The correct answer is "The MOST expensive car is Jaguar" No. You'd need to say 'The most expensive car is a Jaguar'.
After all, you don't say 'This car is Ford', but 'This car is a Ford'.

( I hope the original poster passed his English test 5 years ago. Emotion: smile )

Tks! It helped a lot!