You cannot call a 19-year-old man as minor. Do you think that it is possible in Japan a man 19 is still not an adult?


19-year-old man arrested for trying to rob gasoline stand in Aichi

Sunday 27th April, 04:36 PM JST

OKAZAKI, Aichi —

Police on Sunday morning arrested a 19-year-old man for allegedly trying to rob a gasoline station in the early hours of the morning. According to police, the suspect—who cannot be named because he is a minor—entered the gasoline station in Okazaki City about 1:30 a.m. and asked to use the toilet. Police said he came out of the toilet and threatened the attendant with a fruit knife.

In the struggle, the attendant received deep cuts to his arms. The suspect fled without getting any money. Acting on the attendant’s description and footage from a surveillance camera, a police patrol spotted the man in the area a short time later. He has admitted to the charge, telling police that he owed loan sharks hundreds of thousands of yen.

A minor is someone under the legal age of majority (legal adulthood). The age at which you stop being a minor must vary from country to country. In the UK it is 18.
In my country a person is an adult when s/he is 21.
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A very interesting question, I always thought an underage person was called juvenile while a minor could be a minority (native people, in the US, black or Asian American, hispanic, etc)
Are 'minor' and 'man' related though? A guy can be a father at 16 years old; that makes him a man, but according to the law in some countries, he can't buy cigarettes or alcohol until he is 21. 'Minor' and 'man' are not synonymous.
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It depends on the law of the land that beyond which age a person is qualified as adult. As yoong Lait said above that in singapore its 21 years and in my country its 18 years. Hence you need to know what is the age group for Japan