Bille, i not find Justine!

One time you have sayed that you take her with you, is it that she is with you now?

And if she not with you, i like to come with you and go search her... Is it that it is possible? Please?

Thank you.
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Ahoy there Threepod!

I'm sorry but not surprised to hear that your four legged female friend has left you high and dry. You should always expect such behaviour from the weaker sex. Oh yes, they will swab your decks, toil in your galley and even polish your horn, but when the going gets rough they will always be the first to bail-ship, I mean abandon-out!
I offered to make a man of her, but you were blinded by her furriness ... and now it may be too late.
-FASTEN THOSE WAVES AND BRING ME MY RUM YOU SCURVY DOGS!- ...sorry about that Threepod, where were we? Oh yes, scurvy. Dreadful thing. WHERE'S THE SHIP'S SURGEON, YOU MINCING EXCUSE FOR A SEAMAN! ... sorry.

Well Jake, there's only one thing you can do. Put it all behind you, and sail. SAIL I SAID, OR YOU'LL BE WALKING THE PLANK WITH THE OTHER SCUM SUCKING WRETCHES! ... sorry man, force of habit. Yes, put it all behind you.
There are countless oceans to be tamed, sea-haggs to taunt, and adventures to be had. If you never see that fluffy temptress again it won't be a moment too sooner rather than later on!
So pack your swag , lash on your sea leg, and get swimming! I'll be waiting at Gibraltar till sun-up.

aah, billie, thank thank thank you! i come! you very kind for me, you undrestand me! thank you! i am there at morning, and i bring you your rhum if you like? i prepare it for you?

i come, billie!
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I wouldn't want to massage an aircraft carrier. Not even a very small one. All those barnacles...

Just to bring you all up to date; Threepod is now aboard! There is no escape for him now!

I have him working his fingers to the bone. Petite little fingers they are too. I would almost swear HE was a SHE!!!

I think Threepod misunderstood my message. I have no intention of looking for that pesky little rodent Justine!
For the next 2 years and 9 months, Threepod will be pressed into labouring night and day.

Threepod has no access to the internet, so please don't try to contact him (or is it really a she?). The only terminal aboard is guarded by Seamen Lurch and Heave. They are two of my best men, and are rarely drunk at the same time.

If Threepod does manage to message any of you, please give him this message from me; GET BACK TO WORK, OR YOU'LL BE WALKING THE PLANK IN GREAZY COCONUT SHELL SHOES!

Don't misunderstand me, Threepod is in good hands. I quite like the fellow, but he (?) is more than a bit odd. Struth! You should see some of the girlie stuff I found in his swag!

I will make a man of him yet!
WHAT? I thought Threepod was a he, and Justine a she, and that was already enough... Billie, keep us posted, will you?
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Sail? Plank?? Scurvy???

Billie, are you absolutely sure you're an aircraft carrier? It all sounds a little low-tech to me...

Allo, Billie?

If I remember correctly, the little girlie things might be for Justine. You know, in case he should find her?
wistiti2...I thought Threepod was a he, and Justine a she...
"Plucked her eyebrows on the way,/Shaved her legs,/And then..."

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