It was 6 p:m in summer. The glaringly intense rays of the sun gave place to the gently mellow dusk sunshine. The clouds stained sunray color with a wide variety of colors and shapes drifted leisurely across the sky.

A whole glorious gigantic nature painting was flawlessly drawn without effort before her very eyes.

She always gravitated to both dusk and dawn. Seeing that, nowhere did she find a more perfect picture than in the sky when the sun either rose above or set over the horizon.

Each time, sitting on a chair looking up to the sky, she no longer cared about the future. All the concerns were magically carried away somehow.

Streets were getting more and more crowded since everyone had left work. Hurriedly, a sea of people poured into the streets. Momentarily, the road where she was traveling was heavily congested. Almost all seemed hustling and bustling to go back home in preparation for dinner.

She had never been big on being in such jam-packed places. Put differently, she was always petrified of it. The atmosphere was too stifling to breathe then.

She was absorbed in countryside landscapes with lush massive green paddy fields, winding footpaths, towering cliffs, magnificent waterfalls and shallow rivers flowing lazily towards the ocean, in addition to the melodious songs of birds early in the morning.

How slow-moving life was!

On the contrary, cities are full of smog and tumultuous horns.

She talked to herself: “It’s such a waste of time to be stuck here.”

The traffic light turned red. The queues in range stopped. Out of blue, from the other side of the road came into sight a man...


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