Hello all!

The other day my cables got crossed and started reading a book in the library..A Midsummer night's dream and just read few pages but there are lots of things which I don't understand!

"He promised his daughter to someone", what does it mean? That he promised someone that his daughter would be for that person?

"Both young men woo Helena", woo? What does it mean?

What about "wed"? It is a synomyn of "getting married"?

Thanks in advance for your help!:)
to court (a woman), to make love (but not sex, or not yet) to her

You should have these in any dictionary.
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Hello Marius!:)

Thanks for your help, I tried to find them in a dict, but didn't know how to look the first one up, the second word, I didn't find it in the dict, I guess! At least, the meaning is not written down in my paper. And the last one I wanted to know if they were synonymous words:).

Hmm..but are these words used nowadays?

Thanks in advance!
They are all used, but some like "woo" mostly in literary context.
Thanks for your answers, Marius!:)
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