Hello, everyone.

I guess "I did it a few months ago." could be O.K. However, I wonder if I can say "I did it few months ago." or "It was few months ago." (the latters do not have "a" in "a few".). If they are possible, could you give some examples that show the difference between "a few months ago" and "few months ago". (To save your time, I think I understand the meaning and the usage of "a few months ago".). I have googled the phrases, but I couldn't figure out it, because I guess three are many ungrammatical sentences that seem the same to me.

Thank you in advance.
I did it a few months ago is correct. I did it few months ago.
So: It was a few months ago that/when I did it.
If it is without the word ago, I think I can account for the difference between a few months and few months.
  • There are still a few months left. You will pass the examination if you try hard from now on. (positive)
  • There are very few months left. I am afraid we won't be able to finish the research on time. (negative)
Thank you a lot. Thanks to you I guess I got it. The phase of "few months" might be used in the future tense, not in the past tense with a negative meaning. Probably I could say "It's very few months away. I am afraid I won't make it". Am I right?
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You can use few monthswith Past Tenses like this: (But I really do not think people say them in real life)
  • He had been there too few months to catch up with people.
  • Having had too few months, he decided not to try to finish the research. (He realised he had too few months, then he decided not to finish the research)
  • She had very few months left to do what she needed to do.
It's very few months away. I am afraid I won't make it. - Correct
Thank you very much for your second comment. ^^
Hi...do we can say: some months ago? Or we have to say a few months ago?
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Anonymousdo we can say Can we say ...?
Yes, you can say "some months ago". It's very similar to "a few months ago", but it gives a stronger feeling of uncertainty about how long ago, as if the speaker doesn't really remember how long ago it was.

The airport was remodeled [a few months ago / some months ago].

It would be ..a few months ago.like i told her about it a few months ago.


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