I'm interested in this question ^-^...
Did anyone see a movie in an other language because of his/her own interest?!...

I saw some movies from india, because my sister is a fan of these "Bollywood"-movies Emotion: wink^^...Then I love the japanese language, I want to learn it in future ^^...And of course, nearly every DVD at home was watched by me in english^^
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I'm sure every Indian will be happy to hear Germans like Bollywood movies.

Yes, I have watched several movies in various languages like Italian, Portugese,Bengali and Oriya (all these languages that I don't know one word of) and found them equally appealing as a movie from the languages I know. Though it's sometimes not easy to follow up the minute happenings in the movie.

I think if the actors are very expressive, that should do the trick of keeping the viewer interested. People used to watch silent movies before,it's almost the same context here, isn't it?

last year, with school, we saw a spanish movie !! but it wasn't at the program, it was the class who wanted to see these movie, and the teacher agreed !!! i don't know if you know this movie, it was "Mar Adentro". it's a very moving movie !! it's the story of an handicapped man, who can't move from his bed, and he ask the right to die !!! we saw it in spanish, and i think that if we had seen it in french, it didn't have been so moving, it didn't have the same impact !!!! but i would like to see it in french to compared really !!!

if you haven't see it, i advise you !!!!! Emotion: wink
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I like see korea movies and Teleplay ,BUT I think JAPANESE cartoon is good enough which i see when I was young,

DO you see some cartoon like Saintseiya OR Dragonball? I think the welcome degree of Saint seiya is not less than brad pitt
A few months ago, I saw a japanese movie called Grave of the Fireflies. It's an animated film, but it's not a children's one because it's a drama.
It's for kids too.

But it's a sad tale.
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i don t know why,,but i hate holywood movies..if i watch one of them,,it s becoming with antipathy..
i think,people must see different cultural points of world,,and it s a way to see it in a movie with another language..
i ve watched vietnamese,bolivian,mexican and european movies..and i m ready to share my archive and get new ones..please contact for this..
I also see those movie which is not in my language.please tell me which indian cinema you saw?I am from india.
Most of my friends like films made in Korea very much ,and this have an influence on me.I like them very much .Emotion: big smile

Also,Japanese films and Indian are very wonderful.,I think.
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