-Written to be performed on a ___, Thornton Wilder's play Our Town depicts life in a small New England community.
(A) stage scenery of bare
(B) bare of stage scenery
(C) scenery bare of stage
(D) stage bare of scenery

Tell me which one is correct, and why???Emotion: sad
Guess first, Jeff. Figure out which choice makes a good sentence. And choose carefully-- I've played Our Town a couple of times.
:-? If you don't know the relationship between them, how can you put them in order??? What's worse, bare is here screwing all things up. I may know 'the stage of scenery', but I have no clue AT ALL what role bare is playing here. Emotion: sad
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Did you use your dictionary? 'Bare' is a verb and an adjective. The blank space is preceded by an article, 'a', and followed by a comma.

Any bright ideas now?
Yes, Mr. Micawber. I do know what's the meaning of bare . But...

Ohh, on second thought, if 'scenery' can be taken as 'stage setting'? You know, for figuring it out, I google something about 'theater', 'stage' and 'scenery' to get a clear picture, then I realized that.

And it seems 'the stage of scenery' sounds nonsense, doesn't it?

If I got it right, it should be 'performed on a stage which is bare of scenery'. Huh. Emotion: wink

But what kinda stage is bare of scenery? No setting at all?
Bingo! I'm proud of you, son.
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Thank you, Mr. Micawber. I am sooo happy. Emotion: smile