Dear teacher,

Please help me with the question below. Thanks.

Zesta Soups is a ______ owned subsidiary of Consolidated Foods.

a) wholesome

b) full

c) thoroughly

d) wholly

Which is the right answer?


The answer is (d).
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Yes, it's D.
Why couldn't C) thoroughly be the answer? These two words are very similar, aren't they?

Please advise.

Wholly and Thoroughly do share a slight silimalrity in certain context but do not have the same meaning.

John dropped his wallet at Mary's party and every looked thoroughly but still couldn't find it. ( completely and carefully)

The police searched the entire neighborhood thoroughly for the robber who broke into a house.

Wholly means completely, fully or 100%. The phrase "Wholly owned" is often spoken in business world.

C is not the corrrect answer.
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I see. Thanks for your explanation.