I have to write a urgent fax to a attorney at law (brittish) asking if he has received my fax from last week and ask him when we can expect an answer from him! I have been asked to write it in the most polite way as possible - but everything I write sounds so silly!

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Don't worry. Please show us what you have written.
Ok. Just show us what you have writen and someone will tell you if it is polite enough or not. As soon as you post the complete fax you will get the help you need.

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Well, I had to send the fax... but I don't think I was polite enough. So, as I probably will need to write a fax like this again, and as I think writing polite in English is difficult as you also have to write direct - not long sentences etc, I'd appreciate your help. (Writing in Swedish is much simpler)!

Here is my fax:

Dear Mr Z,

Re: ***

With reference to Mr Xs' fax of October Xth.

I kindly ask you to confirm receiving the aforementioned fax and also to let us know when we can look forward to your replay.


PS: This forum is great! I discovered it yesterday and will strongly recommend it to my friends!
No problem! Your fax was quite polite, proper and correct.
The only thing you may have forgotten was a "Kind regards", or similar, before your name.
Nice fax!
Thank you! I though I was to direct (and the kind regards was written as Y.F in the end = Yours faithfully).
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Perfect! Emotion: smile
P.S. I spent a little time in your country when I was a child, and later worked for Husqvarna Motor (chainsaws) in Australia for about eight years! Both experiences were very enjoyable.
P.P.S. Welcome to the Forums Emotion: smile
Thank you! I really enjoy reading all the postings at the forum - some very interesting remarks have been made.

I am happy to hear you liked Sweden. I think it's a beautiful country - it's a long country so the country varies a lot from the south to the north! I live in the middle - not so far from Åre, Swedens' no 1 ski resort.
Do you ski, or are you as the Japanese say a 'wet-bum' (snowboarder)?
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