I am more than surprised, but also kind of delighted about the news on a new discovery.

American astronomers say they have found a planet at another System(with it´s own star) which meet the necessary requirement to be habitable. There might be water, atmosphere, and good temperature there.Emotion: smile.

They had found this system before and studied two other planets. But there were serious doubts about the possibility of their meeting the necessary requirement for holding life. The new planet is between the other two and it seems to be rightly situated for that.

They say there must be millions of planets with those conditions!!!!. And even one of the astronomers says there is one hundred percent of likelyhood that this planet helds some kind of life.

And we know our planet will be uninhabitable some day.... ; are we saved??:).

Amazing!!!Emotion: toivo
What ?

Where did you hear this ? Are there any serious articles or videos existing of this new discovery ? I would be really interesting in something like this!! If there's anything of this stuff, please tell me.

Another planet with good conditions, the world is saved if it's inhabitable one day, well who knows. I guess I'll live my entire life on the earth Emotion: stick out tongue.
yes, this piece of news is amazing. More research is necessary to definitely prove that this planet is habitable, but it meets many important requirements to be so; it may hold water, for example.

It seems with the most modern current technology it would take us about 300.000 years to get there, hehe. So we would need to work harder to get to travel there..Emotion: stick out tongue. But just the fact of knowing that this planet is very likely to be habitable and that there must be millions like it( or even with better conditions) is quite interesting and why not to say, reassuring.

This is the link to the article. I am sorry but it is in Spanish, hehe. I guess there must be quite a bit information in English as well..