Good day to alls!
I am a french student, i have 21 years old.
I go in London during the summer, i would like practice english here in the forum.
I'll go to try to answer you!
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Hello compratriot!!
I am french too, I am in Chicago right now...
welcome to the forum, it's useful to practise!!
Thank, Amandine!
We not speak french here, hein? All in english!
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if we speak french, only a few among the members would be able to understand, which is not the aim in this forum!!! so, yep, all in english!!!
Oh yes, english, naturally!
you have to get used to it if you're going to London!!!
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are you going for your studies??
No, I are going not for my studies, but for visit. For vacancy!
For holiday (in British), or vacation (american). In this case, you don't need to master the language. And english are kind of fond of foreign accents, especially the french one!! I don't why??!!
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