People are still skeptical about learning another language online, but you can. You can now have a virtual classroom online where you can see all the other students and the teacher all talking in real time. My experience is sometimes you have to freeze the camera to prioritise the audio but it can work if everyone takes the time to ensure their settings are right.
If there's anyone who cannot leave home to learn English, maybe they have young children, or are disabled in some way or they want to learn from native speakers but don't know any, then this is the solution.
The technology is improving all the time.
I'm happy to show anyone what options are out there.
how to use it?

Tell us how to use and all the details about it.

Many people will use it..

I am also one of them If I like the facilities it has.


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Dear Amruth

You can check out many online teaching services simply be doing a Google search for "learn English online". The one I'm involved with is The most famous one is

Happy to meet you and show you - just for fun. You can see the other students in real time and of course the teacher. But you must have a microphone, webcam is optional but preferable. There is a chat area and whiteboard etc. as well.

Hope to hear from you