Hello. I wrote a letter to a bank, but I want someone to check it first. The letter is probably full of erros. Considering it concerns a serious matter (discovering and regaining a lost legacy), it cannot be sent like this. I swaped all names with letters of an alphabet, and addresses with "xxxxx". I would much appreciate if someone would help me. Thanks in advance! Emotion: smile
Refers to: a legacy of "a"

Dear Sir,

On behalf of my constituent "b" (maiden name b), I voto "c", II voto "d", I submit a plea for help with discovering a lost bank deposit of "a" or "e".

The constituent of mine is a sole heir of her father "a". A sworn translation of the decision of the Regional Court for the Capital City of Warsaw dated xx/xx/xxxx, which states of accession to an estate of "a", sworn translation of a death certificate of "a", and sworn translation of a marriage certificate of "a" and "a2" are enclosed.

It needs to be explained that my constituent got married twice. Dissolution of the first marriage with "b2" was adjudged by the District Court for the Capital City of Warsaw (file No: XXXXX). A sworn translation is enclosed. The second marriage was pronounced by the Civil Registry Office in Warsaw on xxth February, xxxx. A sworn translation of a marriage certificate is enclosed.

"a" received a Ten Thousand Golden Rubles donation from his guardian "e", who was a Russian citizen and died around xxxx. The donation was deposited for the benefit of "a" in one of banks that conducted in London in years xxxx-xxxx. Unfortunately, none of the documents from those days retained. All the necessary information were handed over orally by "a" on his deathbed.

Previous attempts of discovering the legacy, made in years xxxx-xxxx, was impeded by communist authorities and failed.

Gathered information indicate that one of banks which were conducting in years xxxx-xxxx was the Bank. Referring to the above, I submit a plea for checking entries into the bank's registry that might help with discovering the legacy, especially the ones concerned Polish and Russians citizens.
In order to facilitate trawl for information, it's worth pointing out that in years xxxx-xxxx Poland didn't exist. Its territory was divided between Russia, Germany and Austria-Hungary. Referring to the above, residents of Warsaw, including "a" and "e", were Russian citizens.

On behalf of my constituent, I heartily thank you for any help and involvement in this cause.

Should you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me by phone (, + xxxxxxxxxx, fax + xxxxxxxxxx) or e-mail (Email Removed).

It is worth mentioning that discovering of the legacy is carrying out in association with The Treasury Solicitor BV.

Yours faithfully
Name Surname
Attorney in law

- Power of Attorney,
- sworn translation of the decision of the Regional Court for the Capital City of Warsaw, which states of accession to an estate of "a"
- sworn translation of a copy of a death certificate of "a"
- sworn translation of dissolution of marriage between "b" and "b2"
- sworn translation of a copy a marriage certificate between "b" i "b3".
I have to say, that's a lot of text that you're asking to have corrected!

You might get better results by picking out the individual parts that you want to have corrected and posting them as separate questions.

Yeah, you're probably right. I'll do that. Thanks.
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If I were you, I wouldn't try to save money by put my legal letter here in hope of someone do the job for free.
You're right, but given that I'm a student of english filology, who wants to be a translator in the future, and I was tasked to translate such a letter by my brother as a favour, I ended up here. Nevertheless, I recently met an American who was so nice and checked it, so following topic is out of date. Pozdrowienia z Polski Emotion: smile