Please help settle a dispute between a colleague of mine and me. Which is best usage in a resume_: "a MBA" or "an MBA"? I maintain that, since a resume is essentially a marketing tool, colloquial usage rings truer in the reader's ear and trumps the usual rule of using "a" before a consonant. Who says, "I have _a MBA?"
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I think the best way to handle it on a resume is not to say I.
Under education just put MBA university of....
Rarely have I heard of the pronoun I being used on a resume. So leave it out.
In general writing a would be correct as m is a consonant sound.

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When the letter M is pronounced, it sounds like "em" so since it begins with a vowel sound and we are saying the letters one by one, I would say "an" MBA.
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Your right~
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It's an MBA right and not a MBA
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Correct. Definitely "an MBA" for the reasons that Woodward has mentioned above.
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Use "an". The letter "M" is prounounced "em". The sound is key. This is also true with the letter"N".

It is correct to say " Use the article "an" preceeding an m or an n."
It would be incorrect to say " Use the article "a" preceeding a m or a n."
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Career Service at my university says it is an MBA not a MBA
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It is simple. We use an before a vowel sound, and a before a consonant sound.

Since M it is pronounce /am/ you have a vowel sound first in MBA you need "an"
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