If you just follow the advice, I am sure you will get the desired grades.
I was unsure of whether to use "a" or "the" before the phrase "desired grades".

The above is the made-up sentences.

Please explain the use of the correct article in the given context


the desired grades

The phrase is specific and also plural.

Context: My friend has been trying to immigrate to Canada and only thing holding him up his required IELTS grades or bands. So I sent him some YouTube links to help him with IELTS. I sent him my made-up sentence as a Whatsup message. Does "the" mean I and my friend both know what grades are required or should I use "a" but I don't know why?
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Thanks. Could I have said "a desired band or grade" ? Or you need plural only in the given context.

I don't know. Do they desire one grade or do they desire more than one grade?

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Minimum 7 bands in all 4 sections of IELTS- reading, writing, listening and speaking

That's the context. He got 8 in Reading, 7 in speaking, reading 7 but just 5.5 in writing. So I sent him some YouTube links about IELTS writing