A pair of gloves are $10. or, A pair of gloves is $10.

Which should be proper way?

Or both can be correct?

A pair of trousers have been pressed. or, A pair of trousers has been pressed.?
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"A pair" must always be singular (of course) but that doesn't stop most English speakers from getting it wrong!
One pair of gloves is $10. Two pairs of gloves are $18.95.

Same with ironing troussers
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"A pair of ---s" is treated as a singular noun when it stands as a subject in a main clause.
o This pair of gloves is stained with blood.
x This pair of gloves are stained with blood.

But "a pair of ---s" is treated as a plural noun when it stands as a subject in a relative clause.
x The police found a pair of gloves which was stained with blood.
o The police found a pair of gloves which were stained with blood.

The pronoun for "a pair of ---s" is not "it" but "they".
x He bought a pair of gloves and gave it to his girl friend.
o He bought a pair of gloves and gave them to his girl friend..

Not foolproof, but a good guideline, Paco-- thanks. I think the singular demonstrative helps determine the number, too (or is it a side-effect?)
I took the rules from the description of my E-J dictionary.
But actually looks like many people use "a pair of ---s" in a way against the first rule.
"A pair of shoes cost" hits 240 pages in Google whereas "A pair of shoes costs" does 221 pages.

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Hi all

I am a bit confuse here... So strictly speaking what is the correct grammar ?

A pair of shoes cost OR A pair of shoes costs ?

The method of checking the number of hits on Google is not used to prove a grammatical rule, is it? One would do so, I'd think, only to get an idea of common usage.

I believe paco2004 on this, not Google. Thus, "A pair of shoes costs..."
Only one pair of jeans are clean.

A good pair of pliers are handy for repairing a bicycle.

A pair of fancy sunglasses cost $250 at Harrods.
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