Can I say,

A pair of shoes is / are near the flower pot.

The shoes are near the flower pot.
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What do you think Vincent?
I will choose "is"
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Why Teo?
Isn't incorrect? I thought "a pair of " is an unit, so I assumed it should be used "is"
I didn't mean to say that it is wrong. I just wanted to learn your reason for choosing it and I see that you know the reason very well. Now, don't forget this reason okay?
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So, my answer is correct? How about this?

The shoes are put beside the flower pot. (isn't correct?)
Vincent, you often use present tense, and in real life, we don't use that very often.

Every day, the shoes are put beside the flower pot -- this is not a very likely sentence.

The last I noticed, the shoes had been put besides the flower pot. Are they no longer there?

She put the shoes beside the flower pot.
So, what is the correct answer?

(i) There is a pair of shoes beside the flower pot.

(ii) The pair of shoes is next to the flower pot.

(iii) There is / are a pair of shoes near the flower pot.

(iv) These are shoes and flower pot.
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