Could you check this, please.

My favorite manga is ”One Piece.” The story is basically about a boy named Ruffy striving hard to achieve his dream of becoming the king of pirates. What fascinates me most about the story is that he and his crew members always work together to fight with their greatest enemies. There are so many obstacles along the way, but they manage to overcome them by helping each other in a pinch. This manga makes me aware of the importance of friendship and gives me the energy to keep trying without giving up.

teacherJapanfight with their greatest enemies.

The second word is superfluous.

Thanks! I’ve seen different patterns of expressions. I thought they were all correct, but am I mistaken?

fight with someone/fight against someone/fight someone

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teacherJapanI’ve seen different patterns of expressions.

They exist because there is great variation in how English is used around the world. Some English speakers regularly add more words than they need and find it acceptable. It's normal for some.

teacherJapanfight with someone/

You can use this but, it's not necessary. When using any superfluous words, you can think of your audience. Are you communicating with people who personally do that and therefore, will not notice? If you're not, it's better not to include such words.

I see. Thank you, anonymous.
teacherJapanto keep trying without giving and not give up.
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Thank you, teechr.

his name is Luffy not Ruffy Emotion: smile