A part time job seems to be familiar to everyone, especially students. From my point
of view, they can gain many advantages from taking a part-time job. First of all, should
students work half time, they will be able to earn more money; so they don’t have to
depend on their family so much. This is great, especially for students whose family
having difficulty making ends meet . Next, having a part time job also help students
improve their studying at univeristy. For example, students studing English should take a
part-time job involved teaching or maybe working with foreigners. Only when they
experience these jobs on their own, can they widen their knowledge and have good
communications skills. However, we can’t deny that taking a part-time job aslo has some
negative effects on student’s life. If students spend to much time on the job, they will
neglact their study or even be tired of working too much. In conlusion, not only should
students take a part-time job, they also should focus on studying to get up with other


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