Hi, I am reading a passage. A is talking to B about C, whom he doesn't like. And he doesn't want to treat C special.

" Yes, he's making money. That's not the standard, it seems to me, one gauges a man's value to the sociaty. As for his oils(gasline), he'd come crawling to us, he's wait his turn along with all other shippers, and he wouldn't demand more than his fair share of transportation."

Why would used here?


He would if he needed or wanted to. Would is conditional.
Thanks, Mister MIC.
Why the word will isn't used? when you say conditinal, does it exclude using "will"?
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'Will' is excluded because the speaker does not know whether he will or not. 'Would' is Conditional II, present or future possibility.
So here, it is nothing to do with politeness, right?
thanks again.
From what you have given us, I see no politeness involved.
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Thanks, Mica:
I just figured a foundamental thing in english grammer.
thanks to your help.
would is used for the second and third person

ex: you would , he would

should the past tense of SHALL is used in the the first person

ex: i should. we should

though both are acceptable in using for the second and third person (should or would)

would cannot be mistakenly acceptable in replacement for should as the first person.