Q1) What do you call a person(e.g. a teacher) who are in an exam room and prevent students from cheating?

Q2) Is 'an exam room' correct?
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Hi Moon,

moon7296) What do you call a person(e.g. a teacher) who are in an exam room and prevent students from cheating?
Squad or Flying squad or Sitting squad


The British term that was always used during my education was 'an invigilator'.

See http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/invigilator

Sri, I assume your suggestions are commonly used in India? They sound very odd to my ear. For one thing, a 'squad' suggests to me more than one person.

In Britain, 'the Flying Squad' is the name of a London Police group.

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Respected Clive,

An Invigilator is the appropriate word here. I do agree with your answer. However, to monitor the entire activity of examination process right from the starting time to ending time is governed by the squad/flying squad/Sitting squad.

He is the highest authority in the protocol order of entire examination process. An invigilator is the person who is only responsible for one examination hall. A sqaud is responsible for all examination halls. The squad is the supreme of entire examination center.


Hi again, Sri,

I see.

I appreciate your politeness in greeting me as 'respected Clive', but I would like to invite you to call me simply 'Clive'. I hope this is acceptable to you. Emotion: smile

Hi, Clive and Sri.

Thank for the exellent answers.

Clive, you studied in Britain.. wa... then you'd have in-depth of both British En and AmE(Can) English.

So the term invigilate(tor) is used in Britain.

And even though there are terms squad and flying/sitting squad, they sound odd to you.

Sri explained them.. I assume they are used in .. quite serious examinations..

Aren't proctor used in America and Canada?
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I only encountered the word 'invigilator' at University in Britain, not in secondary school. I don't know what they say in Canada or the USA.

Same thing with the term 'proctor'. When I was at University, the proctors had a broader role of responsibility for the entire examination process, as well as for all matters of disciplne. Here is some detailed information.


Respected Clive,

Thanks for your message. It is difficult for me to address you as Clive. You have asked something which is difficult for me to put it in practice. However, please suggest a courtesy title before your name so that I can follow the same in future.

With high regards,

The person who monitors the examination (makes sure no one is cheating, etc.) in the US is indeed commonly called a proctor. It's also a verb. I've agreed to proctor the make-up exam for Dr. Phillips, since half his class had the flu during the regular exam and he's going to a conference on the make-up date.
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