Many people hold the belief that a person allocates most of his or her life to working and life becomes valueless owing to the lack of satisfaction in job. From my perspective, I agree with the view for many reasons.

As almost everyone knows, the job plays a significant role in people’s life on the grounds that it is expected to support their daily activities. Should a person be employed, he or she can earn enough money to pay for some necessary needs such as clothes and food. Moreover, the more time a worker invests in his job, the more money they can be paid, which makes his life more comfortable. Mexico may be a good case in point. In this country, citizens spend over 12 hours a day in the office, therefore, they can earn a lot of money and their lives seem more satisfying.

In addition, spending a large amount of time at the workplace is a meaningful doing. Not only does work give us a chance to do favourite jobs, but we can also contribute our time and efforts to our country. For example, a sailor devotes his life to guarding and fighting to protect his country – he never finds his doings meaningless on the account that what he is doing now is the dream that he has pursued. Especially, only when being a hard worker can a person improve his working skills.

In conclusion, spending most of his or her time in the company is becoming a more and more popular habit and I approve of the opinion that life becomes truly significant when he or she achieves the job satisfaction.


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