Any word for A person who shows off?
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A person who shows off is called ostentatious. However it might look as an adjective but it can also be used as a noun.

In addition to what my dear friend hrsaneie mentioned I can add these:

showy , pretentious , conspicuous , flamboyant
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You are right Iman.

But all of the above mentioned words are adjectives synonymous to ostentatious as an adjective.

can you think of any nouns for it?

And unfortunately, ostentatious is not a noun, either. The nouns are: ostentation, showiness, pretension/pretentiousness, conspicuousness, and flamboyance.

None of those, however, refer to a person; they all refer to the quality or condition. The person is, quite appropriately but rather informally, called a show-off. Some more formal semi-synonyms are braggart and grandstander. How would those suit you?
How about bragger or boaster or egotist ?
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The basic idea of 'a show-off' is that the person does things, shows things.

With some of these other terms, like 'braggart' and 'boaster', the basic idea is that the person says things.


If you are using it in a more derogatory way, and not 100% parallel, "trying too hard".

"He's trying to hard (to impress those girls)."
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